In March, 2004, a group of women made a trip down to New York City to compete in the More Half Marathon for Women over 40. The weekend focused on being with other women and running. One of those half-marathoners (her 1st half marathon) commented that it was SO much fun she thought she’d look into the 2005 Boston Marathon. Mary Worthington-Kachadurian’s response was, “Why wait for April when we can do a marathon in October? Let’s get a coach, let’s have a training plan, let’s form a group…” Mary found us a coach and got a group together. In May, 2004, almost 20 of us met on the Weston High School track with our coach, Cathy Utzschneider for our first track workout. During Columbus Day Weekend in October, 2004, we had 8 runners complete the Chicago Marathon, 4 complete the BAA Half Marathon and 1 complete the Tufts 10K for Women.

This group of women has grown and evolved into a running club that has yet to reach its full potential. We have a board of directors that as a group will continue to find ways to improve what we have. We have official racing uniforms. We also have a solid core of runners who come to our workouts regularly and countless others who stay in the loop and come when they can. Many of our runners have continued to set and achieve goals that they could never have imagined. We have every level of skill and experience represented for we are an all-comers club. As we move forward it’s important that we keep this as our mission – a club that extends the hand to that woman who might not be able to get out there on her own, who needs just a little pull. We want to offer a club for every runner, not just the fast and experienced ones


Mary Worthington – President

Kathleen Woodward – Treasurer

Alice Murphy – Clerk

Sue McNatt – Membership

Martha Cooney – Social Chair

Shana Frank – Website and Social Media

Carla Smith – SSRC Gear