Strider Spotlight

This page lists our SSRC runners with expertise to share or requests for assistance, like raising money for charity.

Email Kristin Donahue to submit your link to your business / statement to the charity you are raising funds for.


April 18, 2022

  • Team GDMF – The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation has 5 amazing runners raising funds for their scholarship program. They provide scholarships to retired/active duty Special Operations soldiers and their families to help them transition to civilian careers post military. Team Captain, Kristin Donahue appreciates the support! Donate to any runner here:

August 21, 2022

  • Team GDMF – The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation has 15 bibs to run this iconic 7 mile race! 2022 will be a difficult year to get in with many guaranteed entries going to 5,000 runners that competed virtually in 2020. Please contact Team Captain, Kristin Donahue for details:


Sue McNatt, MSPT
Hello! My name is Sue McNatt and I have been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years and running competitively for over 40 years. I have helped countless athletes return successfully to running from injuries and helped many others avoid injury through exercise instruction and manual therapy treatments. I instruct athletes in appropriate corrective exercises including strengthening and flexibility exercises, as well as administer soft tissue treatments including myofascial release, massage, muscle energy, mobilization, graston, PNF stretching and cranial sacral techniques.  I perform biomechanical gait analysis through videotape and visual observation to assist runners with return to pain free and faster running with improved mechanics. I instruct athletes in form drills and stretches, as well as strengthening and mobility exercises to improve their overall mechanics.  I have worked with middle school through masters/seniors runners and have vast experience with all of these age groups, as well as my own personal experience with running, racing and returning from injury. I look forward to working with you!!

Sue McNatt, MSPTEmail:suempt@gmail.com617-775-3613Website: