Babson Indoor Workout Information

We had a great turnout last week at our first indoor workout of the winter season! For those of you that missed it, here are some things to know.

Please enter through the new facility entrance and tell the front desk staff that you are running with SSRC. They will direct you to the track entrance.  The track is the same, but getting to the track from the new facility is slightly different.  You can exit the track using the doors we’ve always used in previous years.  You just have to enter through the new entrance.

Please park in the large lot on the opposite side of the road of the track entrance (this is the same parking lot as in previous years).  We do not need parking passes at this point.

We have the track rented from 8:30 to 10:30. We will begin our dynamic warmups at 9:00, followed by our meeting with the group and Coach Kathy will outline the workout of the day.

You can pay the winter track fee at:


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